About us

The Coffee Mood is a blog that covers all things coffee. We share tips and recommned some of the best gear, coffee beans and techniques to help you brew amazing coffee.

Do you want to brew your own coffee at home? If you are starting to get into this beautiful hobby, you may already be overwhelmed with the huge amount of information out there. Coffe brewing is more complex than it seems and it can also be an expensive hobby.

The Coffee Mood is here to be your guide in this journey. Let’s learn together and enjoy a cup of coffee!

Is there an specific topic you would like us to cover? Feel free to contact us 🙂

About the owner

Hi, I’m Jackie, the founder of The Coffee Mood.

I’ve been drinking coffee since a very young age (maybe too young). Being from a coffee producer country, a cup of freshly brewed coffee at breakfast was just part of our culture.

Later on, I moved onto specialty coffee shops and I also started experimenting with some brewing methods at home. I particularly liked my Chemex. But, I was more of an occasional home brewer.

I actually started my coffee brewing journey out of necessity. When the pandemic hit in 2019 and my favorite coffee shops closed. I could not start my day without a cup of coffee. This is when I started to learn more about coffee from different brewing methods to techniques for better extraction.

In this journey, I have done a lot of reasearch and tested a bunch of different gear and beans. Of course, I am still learning and always looking to get my hands on the newest coffee gear. I will be sharing my experiences and recommendations on this platform.